TEDxClevelandStateUniversity was an inspiring experience that brought the community together with industry leaders to encourage and empower people to dream. This happened by launching a large scale event that featured digital integration while connecting and strengthening key communities. The event, held on the Cleveland State University campus, introduced top speakers and housed an interactive environment. The digital presence featured real-time interaction via social media and is now available to over 1 Billion viewers on the TED network. The digital integration formed connections and strengthened the key communities of Cleveland State University, Greater Cleveland, and the TED community at-large.



"I appreciate your activeness; you have inspired me to respond!"

Really inspired and touched. I vow to take some action and help!

Truly inspiring. I am working on breast cancer. Hope we can find a cure & save lives.

Thanks for sharing your story … it will lead to great things!

As a fellow teacher, I thank you for advocating for our students! Through you, their voices are heard.

The students from Shaker Heights High School thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

I admire and respect you! You and your work inspire!

So inspiring to hear someone talk so passionately. Thank you.

Really inspirational speech & really makes you think how big the universe is – loved it.

Thanks for being a hero who inspires others to do good!

I appreciate your activeness; you have inspired me to respond!

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