TEDxClevelandStateUniversitySalon 2017: Astral Stories with Lucianne Walkowicz


Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz is an astronomer, author and artist who seeks to combine the “right and left brain” to better understand cosmic phenomena and scientific principles. At our TEDx Salon, she encouraged us to look for the stories in the stars. She explained that humankind has always been fascinated with astral stories and that scientific storytelling helps researchers fill in the blanks as they make new discoveries in space.


TEDxClevelandStateUniversitySalon 2017: The Resurgent City


Metropolitan centers throughout the United States are experiencing a revival with people, businesses and community institutions moving to and investing in downtown cities in a manner not seen in decades. The positive impact of this revival has been significant for economic and community development but more work needs to be done to ensure that all citizens of America’s cities have equal access to quality health care, education and job opportunities.

Anchor Institutions, such as hospitals, universities and churches, have a key role to play in continuing and enhancing the metropolitan revival. We discussed that role at this TEDx Salon.


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