TEDxClevelandStateUniversity 2014 - The Right to Dream


The purpose and mission of TEDxClevelandStateUniversity is to ignite the city’s creativity, create a space for dreaming now and in the future, inspire participants to move dreams forward, and feel validated.

The vision for TEDxClevelandStateUniversity, is to create an event that inspires participants to not just dream big, but act on bringing their dreams to life. Through this validation, participants are positioned to create a more creative, boundary-breaking future for our world.

TEDxClevelandStateUniversity: this is the space where dreams live. It is a space that is free of the limitations, constraints, and prejudices of the world in which have lived and currently live. There are no boundaries, there are no norms, cultural or physical, time is not linear, nor is logic. It is a world that many of us don’t make time for, nor indeed have the patience for in our waking existence.

2014 Speaker Videos

Jackie Acho
Jesse Bach
Jim Free
Halim Ina
Basheer Jones
Jan Thrope
Mark Zust
Lynn Deering/Eric Ziolek
Tracey Lind
Michelle Medina
Helen Qin
Jake Solomon

WHAT IS TEDxClevelandStateUniversity Commits?

In the spirit of the TEDPrize, TEDxClevelandStateUniversity Commits was created to leverage the one-day event, TEDxClevelandStateUniversity in order to support positive change in a meaningful way. Inspired by one or more TEDxClevelandStateUniversity speakers, the TEDxClevelandStateUniversity Commits project is spearheaded by the Cleveland State University’s Office of Civic Engagement and the TEDxClevelandStateUniversity organizers.


TEDxClevelandStateUniversity Commits
2014-2015 Initiative: Central Neighborhood

Children in the historic Central Neighborhood live within a 15-minute walk from Cleveland State University and a community college, yet only 6% of adults in this neighborhood have had any type of higher education. Promise Ambassadors, who live and work in the Central Neighborhood are committed to insuring that the youth in this area of our city pursue success through education. TEDxClevelandStateUniversity speaker, Basheer Jones has inspired the first TEDxClevelandStateUniversity Commits project in this neighborhood to promote education and college attainment.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.