Mark Avsec

Mark Avsec is a partner and vice-chair of the Innovations, Information Technology & Intellectual Property Practice Group at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP.

Honey Bell-Bey

Honey Bell-Bey is an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, youth advocate and motivational poet who employs creative arts strategies to engage youth and adults alike.

Mississippi Charles Bevel

Mississippi Charles Bevel is a nationally recognized singer, multimedia artist, writer, actor and lecturer.

Fred Bidwell

Fred Bidwell is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, art collector and thought leader engaged in strengthening communities and institutions as an advocate for the arts, creativity and innovation.

Akram Boutros

When the MetroHealth System Board of Trustees elected Akram Boutros as president and CEO in 2013, he piloted an unprecedented transformation of Cuyahoga County’s public health-care system.

Thomas Maridada

Thomas Maridada is President and CEO of BRIGHT New Leaders for Ohio Schools

Roberta Muehlheim

As a child, Roberta Muehlheim became very interested in primates through reading about the work of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey.

Andrea Muto

Andrea Muto is a journalist, lawyer, law librarian and international development consultant.

Cody Peacock

Cody Peacock is the founder of SpareRoof, a solar panel kit distribution company.

John Perrine

A life-long improviser, John Perrine holds a doctorate of musical arts in saxophone performance, a master’s in jazz pedagogy and a bachelor’s in music education.

Elizabeth Pugh

Elizabeth Pugh has enjoyed a 36-year distinguished career in government service.

Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and journalist.

Ron Soeder

Ron Soeder became president of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland in 2006.

Dr. Adrienne Boissy

Seeing and Being Seen: A Call For Healing

Therapeutic mislabeling and why every single word matters.

Professor Bill Bowen

The Idea Business

Universities and efforts to fend off restrictions on ideas.

Rich Cochran

Thriving cities...are trees the answer?

How communities reflect the laws of biology.

Jacob Cramer

Embracing the Elderly

Defeating ageism with the strongest weapon of all – love.

Professor Peter Dunham

The Imagination Game

An archaeologist’s reflections on the origins and importance of creativity.

Jason Perz

The Thrill of Failure

How failure led me to passion and empowerment.

Chris Ramsay

Barking and Marking

Decoding the language of dogs.

President Michael Schwartz

The Idea Business

Universities and efforts to fend off restrictions on ideas.

Timothy Tramble

The Next Great American City

How economically integrated neighborhoods will elevate Cleveland as a model city.

Professor Ton van den Bogert

Robotic Biomimicry

How horses are advancing robotic engineering.

Mary Verdi-Fletcher

Dancing in my dreams....daring to be free!

How my wheelchair propelled me into a career in dance and activism.

Chris Webb

Poetic Justice: Creative Solutions for Community Problems

How abandoned homes can tell rich histories and provide the basis for community change.

Julie Wilkes

Make Meaning Your Compass

How one heart disease survivor found the key to success.

Jackie Acho

A Good Day’s Work Requires Empathy

Empathy is the missing link to innovation and children can help us find it

Jesse Bach

Buycott: What Jeff Goldblum, dinosaurs and a blackout can teach us about ending human trafficking

We can relegate human trafficking – in all its forms.

Lynn Deering

Cooking up Some Music and Dance

Showing how ideas become realities and illuminating the creative process.

Jim Free

Dreaming Big

Dreaming is expanding the reach of human exploration and inspiring generations.

Halim Ina

How Photography Led to Schools for Girls

Enacting social change through photography.

Basheer Jones

Changing the world one young person at a time

Understanding our youth, identifying their point of reference and relating to them.

Tracey Lind

How I met God in a McDonald’s

The inner voice of holy wisdom can enrich us – whether we believe or not.

Michelle Medina

Hippos, Measles and Smallpox, Oh My!

Every child deserves a long and healthy life.

Helen Qin

You Are Not Your Job

Your job is not the sole determinant of who you are – or how happy you should be.

Jake Solomon

How Acne Made Me a Comedian

How pain can be the best thing to happen to you.

Jan Thrope

Small Bucks for Big Change

Money is worthless unless spread around to encourage things to grow.

Eric Ziolek

Cooking up Some Music and Dance

Showing how ideas become realities and illuminating the creative process.

Mark Zust

Reclaiming Our Magical Selves

To see through “Wizard’s Eyes” is to envision a wondrous world of possibilities.

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