Cody Peacock

Cody Peacock is the founder of SpareRoof, a solar panel kit distribution company. A recent Cleveland State University MBA graduate, Peacock has always had a passion for transportation, which led him to study the efficiency of motors -- specifically, electric motors and the creation and storage of the electricity needed for these motors. To that end, Peacock has spent time researching solar power, its benefits and how it could influence the future. A self-proclaimed futurist, Peacock thinks that society needs a large supply of renewable energy, and solar energy is the key. He has spent countless hours creating new ways to harvest and store electricity. Peacock has been involved in team competitions through NASA’s Space Apps Challenge, where his team took on the challenge of designing a personal transportation device for use on Mars using in-situ resources. The team won first place at the regional competition held at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

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