Roberta Muehlheim

As a child, Roberta Muehlheim became very interested in primates through reading about the work of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey. At age 9, after reading a National Geographic article about Dian Fossey and the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, Muehlheim sent a letter to the magazine, hoping they would answer a question. She was delighted to receive a reply from Fossey herself. This set Muehlheim on a course to learn all she could about animals. During her undergraduate education, Muehlheim concentrated her studies in animal biology, with the intention of studying wild primates. However, upon her employment at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, she began working with Dr. Tim Matson, curator and head of the Vertebrate Zoology Department, and her fascination with amphibians began. She has since had the good fortune of playing a role in many long-term amphibian research projects -- from mudpuppy population studies to wetland monitoring -- and currently focuses her work on the infectious diseases of wild amphibians.

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